Congratulations to Johnny Smoke.

Will pass ordering information along as soon as it is available.



FLicKeR is presented in the cinema box as part of the retrospective "The Name is Burroughs -- Expanded Media" at the prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany.  Runs 23 March - 12 August 2012.  Congratulations Udo Breger.  



It had to happen sooner or later, and with the 2012 imminent arrival on American soil of the first ever mass produced dreamachines, perhaps it is time.

FLicKeR opens the first ever International Festival of Documentaries on the Arts in Mexico City, 10-17 October 2011.  Director in attendance.  Thanks to Juan Francisco Urrusti and his team. 


Here are Mad Ones with Bleed Thru.


The theme is chance.

FLicKeR plays Sunday 29 May, 5pm at the Cinema du Parc.

Thanks to curators Claude Gosselin and David Liss.

Farewell Ira Cohen, fine artist and Flickerite.

Correcting the New Yorker, and their (apparently sole) source, the New Museum -- The Dream Machine was in fact conceived and created in the period 1959-1960, following Gysin's first experience of flicker in December 1958. Fun enough app, though a mere simulacrum of the real thing.


Posted by The New Yorker

"The New Museum’s retrospective of the British artist, poet, and performer Brion Gysin closed on October 3rd, but the hypnotic pleasures of his most famous achievement, “Dream Machine”—a kinetic light sculpture, conceived in 1961, once described as “the first art object to be seen with the eyes closed”—are now available to anyone with an iPhone. The museum has released an app, which can be downloaded free of charge. One caveat: “Dream Machine” ’s flickering light effects should be avoided by people susceptible to seizures".


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